Precise and difficult-to-manufacture aluminum impact extrusions

Aluminum impact extrusion

Aluminum extrusion

Your source for precise and difficult-to-manufacture impact extrusions

Since 1959, customers like you have come to trust Metal Impact for their aluminum impact extrusion needs. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to produce near-net shape, highly technical, and difficult-to-manufacture extrusions of various sizes and complex shapes. Our business is built on the ability to meet the quality and performance standards of various industries as well as on our commitment to customer service.

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Capabilities that deliver precise parts, customer satisfaction

Aluminum impact extrusion has been the metal-forming process of choice for decades for many reasons. Aluminum itself is lightweight, making it ideal for use in aircraft, automotive, and personal consumer products. Aluminum impact extruded components, for example, have been used in car shock bodies, ordnance cartridges for aircraft, and SCUBA tanks. Our extruded parts are known for their tight tolerances, strength, concentricity, straightness along the length of the extrusion, and service life.

Our in-house team of experienced engineers makes it all possible. Our engineers have successfully assisted in design-for-manufacturability of parts for our customers for years, creating processes to meet cost, quality, and delivery demands. We also use advanced finite element analysis to optimize our tool designs.

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A single stroke with multiple benefits

A single-stroke manufacturing process, aluminum impact extrusion creates near-net shape parts that can lower the cost as it improves the quality of metal parts—and it often accomplishes this quicker than most other metal-forming processes. Our technology is backed by engineers with decades of experience and an on-site tool and die center that can accelerate project timelines while reducing material waste and costs. We ensure the performance of our parts using high-tech measuring machines and rigorous first- and last-piece inspections.

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High-tech equipment for high-quality parts

Metal Impact has the necessary equipment to produce small and large extrusions at high volumes. We use hydraulic and mechanical presses, the largest currently being a 3,300-ton automated press. Our rotary transfer machine capabilities assure we can produce tight-tolerance parts at high speeds. Supporting operations such as heat-treating and automated lubrication have been optimized to support the sheer volume of steel products processed each year.

As part of the Thunderbird family of manufacturing companies, we can promise low parts defects, on-time delivery, and a consolidated supply chain.

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