Expertise that achieves near-net shape manufacturing

Engineering and design

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Expertise that achieves near-net shape manufacturing

Our experienced and proven engineers at Metal Impact ensure our aluminum and steel impact extruded products achieve near-net shape while meeting quality and performance demands. Employing a collaborative approach, our engineers possess the skills and capabilities to design the most cost-effective, highly performing parts for our customers.

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Working with you for better parts

With a combined 80-plus years of experience in aluminum and steel impacting, our engineering team brings problem-solving value to our customers. Our engineers work with your team to evaluate your part and its specifications. We sometimes visit your facility to see your capabilities and methods of assembly in order to inform the design and manufacturing of our parts. When we see what you are doing with your parts, we see how we can better serve you.

Borne out of this collaborative approach, we can improve part designs, recommend more readily available materials, suggest cost-efficient features or tolerances, and use our experience to streamline the manufacturing process. Our goal for you is to achieve near-net shape manufactured parts for quicker, cost-efficient delivery.

Schedule a lunch-and-learn

You can hear more about our aluminum and steel impact extrusions during a lunch-and-learn presentation with our team at your facility. You will gain in-depth knowledge of this technology and its benefits, see how our process can meet the needs of your project, and have the opportunity to ask our team questions.

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Find out how our impact extrusion process can benefit you.

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