Incorporate plastic for one-stop supply chain efficiency

Integrated materials

Large cylynder packaging

Incorporate plastic for one-stop supply chain efficiency

Many components produced using our aluminum and steel impact extrusion process require plastic parts integration before they go to market. For example, most large cylinders eventually are equipped with plastic handles. In that case, Metal Impact could seamlessly incorporate plastics via our sister company Impact Molding, which specializes in custom plastic injection molding.


A scalable and capable supply chain

Our capabilities readily and seamlessly integrate with the supply chain resources you work with as well as those available to us. We will always provide you with the solution that best meets your needs.

Within the Thunderbird formation of companies is our sister company, Impact Molding. We can provide you with impact extrusion solutions that combine injection molding, plastic parts, and other component materials and production options.

See how the custom plastic injection molding capabilities of Impact Molding can enhance your products.

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