Secondary services for complete component production

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When Metal Impact manufactures parts using our advanced aluminum and steel impact extrusion process, that is just the start of our work with customers. We consider our products finished only after we have successfully added value to them using our suite of secondary services and streamlined your entire manufacturing process.

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Secondary services for complete component production

Our engineering goal is to produce parts of near-net shape, but sometimes complex parts require additional forming or trimming. We have comprehensive machining capabilities to further work with our components to meet the most intricate of specifications and geometries. When needed, we heat treat or anneal our parts before or after the extrusion process. We are able to conduct artificial ageing of our aluminum part.

Our secondary operations also include in-house finishing services such as polishing, painting, and powder coating. We have trusted and longtime partnerships with quality vendors for other coating processes including anodizing. In our cylinder operations, we offer custom pad-screen printing and thermal molecular infusion (TMI) labeling.

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We strive to be your single-source supplier. Our promise of end-to-end quality and attention to detail is assured by the ongoing, actively managed growth and advancement of our manufacturing operations within the Thunderbird formation of progressive supply chain companies.

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