When to choose aluminum and steel impact extrusions

When to choose

Holding an impact extrusion of a rifle component in meeting room

How do you know when to use impact extrusion?

From quicker parts production to stronger finished parts, impact extrusion can offer a range of cost and performance advantages over other metal-fabrication processes. Is impact extrusion right for your aluminum or steel application? How does impact extrusion compare with other metal-forming processes? Take a look at the advantages impact extrusion offers:

Machined impact components

Consider impact extrusion when ...

  • Hollow parts feature one end partially or totally closed
  • Zero draft is required on the walls without secondary machining
  • Shells with round, square, oval, or other symmetrical cross sections are needed
  • Producing a pressure-tight container
  • Sidewalls of a one-end-closed tube must have internal or external ribs or flutes
  • Part bottoms must be thicker than the side walls
  • Your current process requires large amounts of material to be machined from bar stock
Compare your process to impact extrusion
Impact extrusion key benefits
Impact extrusion key benefits Drawing
  • Quicker parts production
  • Lower cost per part
  • Better-performing parts
Alternative to machining
Compare to machining drawing
  • Impact extrusion ...
  • Creates near-net shapes quickly
  • Produces parts faster
  • Results in less material waste
Alternative to casting
Compare to casting drawing
  • Impact extrusion ...
  • Creates thinner wall components
  • Produces parts with closer tolerances
  • Requires less secondary machining
Alternative to forging
Compare to forging drawing
  • Impact extrusion ...
  • Produces lighter-weight parts of similar strength
  • Creates closer tolerance components
  • Reduces secondary machining
Alternative to welding
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  • Impact extrusion ...
  • Eliminates connection failures
  • Produces parts that won’t leak
  • Reduces labor costs
Alternative to deep drawing
Compare to deep drawing illustration
  • Impact extrusion ...
  • Produces parts with thicker base than side walls
  • Creates parts with length more than twice diameter
  • Requires only one-time tooling cost
Alternative to stamping
Compare to forging drawing
  • Impact extrusion ...
  • Achieves more complex geometries
  • Offers multiple wall thicknesses
  • Eliminates sub-assemblies
Alternative to sub-assemblies
Compare to sub-assemblies
  • Impact extrusion ...
  • Eliminates costly welds, joining techniques
  • Produces stronger parts that won’t leak
  • Reduces inventory costs
Alternative to your process
Compare to your process illustration
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