Medical cylinder manufacturing and sieve bed production


Patient and technician in medical facility

Reliable medical cylinders and sieve beds

Our aluminum impact extrusions are an optimal solution for our clients in the medical industry who must meet rigorous demands for quality, precision, and rapid availability. Lightweight, high-strength alloys mean patients can easily move about with our cylinders while trusting their durability.


On-time delivery, superior quality when and where it matters

The one-stroke extrusion process produces high-quality parts that achieve superb tolerance integrity. Single-piece components also eliminate connection failures or leaks that are unacceptable in the medical industry. At times, the medical industry requires a supplier that can produce parts quickly. For instance, demand surges after a natural disaster or other mass-casualty event. One-stroke impacting is fast, and our ability to deliver medically necessary parts on time is vital.

  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Respiratory products
  • Medical gas cylinders
Sieve beds for portable oxygen concentrators

We are a long-term provider of sieve beds for multiple manufacturers of oxygen concentrators. Our abilities to produce high volumes while maintaining the required quality and consistency make us a valued partner in today’s medical industry.

Sieve beds for oxygen concentrators

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