The Metal Impact advantage for superior weapons systems

Military and defense

Military aircraft

The Metal Impact advantage for superior weapons systems

The military and defense industries have monumental responsibilities, and they require parts that support the strength, complexity, and tight tolerances of their products. Our aluminum and steel impact extrusions reliably produce components that exceed those qualities.

military parts

Lab-tested parts that pass the test in the field

Single-stroke impacting creates super tolerance integrity, and the impact process naturally work-hardens non-heat-treatable alloys. Our parts undergo exhaustive testing in our on-site quality control lab. Whether it is aluminum ordnance cartridge cases for military aircraft or steel mortar tubes for ground forces, we are capable of producing long, thin-walled, straight tubular parts. Metal Impact parts feature the high strength-to-weight material, durability, and toughness to serve our military and defense customers.

  • Shotgun receivers
  • Buffer tubes
  • Flare and cartridge cases
  • Mortar tubes
  • Missile components
  • Ordnance

Find out how our impact extrusion process can benefit you.

Aluminum and steel impact extrusion experience, expertise, excellence
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