Discover more about our steel and aluminum impact extrusions


Impact extruded shock absorber bodies

Discover more about our impact extrusion capabilities

Aluminum and steel impact extrusions are ideal for a wide range of industries and market applications. From near-net shapes that enable faster manufacturing of components for firearms to medical cylinders that meet the rigorous demands of the industry, our extrusion process creates parts that lower manufacturing costs while improving quality. Below you’ll find downloadable brochures that include application-specific information about our superior capabilities, including medical cylinders, firearms components, industrial cylinders, oil and gas components, SCUBA cylinders, and paintball cylinders. If you need additional information, just ask us.

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See why we are your trusted source for precise, highly technical, and difficult-to-manufacture aluminum and steel impact extrusions and cold-forged steel products.

Medical cylinders

Nurse and patient in medical facility

Our cylinders are the optimal choice for medical industry customers who demand quality, service, and on-time delivery.

Firearms components

law enforcement holding firearm

Achieve superior, faster-to-the-finish manufacturing with near-net-shaped machining blanks for tight-tolerance firearms components.

Aluminum cylinders

Valve on aluminum cylinder

Our aluminum carbon dioxide and industrial cylinders are leak-proof and are available in a variety of finishes.

Oil and gas components

Oil pumping station

Extruded parts have highly uniform metal grain alignment for the quality, strength, and durability required for the oil and gas industry.

SCUBA cylinders

Divers exploring coral reef with scuba gear

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, our aluminum SCUBA cylinders are reliable and durable.

Paintball cylinders

Paintball players in gear

For lightweight, pro-grade paintball cylinders ideal for compressed air or CO2, we got you covered.

Let’s talk about your specific and unique needs and how our aluminum and steel impact extrusions can positively impact your success.

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